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200 Hours Computer Training for Government Job

200 Hours Computer Course for Govt Job

200 Hours Training

We are offering 200 Hours Training in Office Automation and Desktop Publishing. As per the requirement of Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir / India, we have designed this course specially for all Govt. Jobs purpose. After learning this course one can apply for any Govt. Job. Our Centre is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and Government Registered, so our certificate will be fully valid for all Govt. Jobs.

Scope & Details of 200 Hour Training Program

This course is great if you’re looking to find good Government jobs. This course is bare minimum requirement for applying any Govt. Jobs like Jammu & Kashmir Police Recruitment, Patwari, Excise Office, etc. In this course students will learn about Office Automation and Desktop Publishing which is essential for routine office works. After completing this ocurse students can apply for any type of Govt. Jobs.

Duration of Course - 6 months

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